dry shampoo - evaporation problem solved

i’m not quite sure if this is the place to post this, but whatever - MY TUMBLR, MY RULES!

if you’re a dry shampoo user, you must know that after a week or so the product evaporates. this happened using BOTH Oscar Blandi and Suave Professionals, not to mention to TRESemme’s, so it doesn’t have to do with price or brand. bottom line: it’s a flaw in the product overall, and it’s annoying. whether you’re spending &15.00 or $2.50, that’s still money you’re throwing out the window on a product that uses itself.

well, i’ve come up with a solution for this problem. and no, it’s not the “Rise the cap under warm water” trick that TRESemme insists on (even though THIS DOESN’T SOLVE THE PROBLEM AND YOU’RE OBVIOUSLY NOT LISTENING TO YOUR CUSTOMER’S COMPLAINTS YOU DUMBASSES).

my solution? glue dots. or really, any other super strong tape, but i find that glue dots work the best.

what happens to the dry shampoo is this: since the product is in an aerosol can, the can releases air over time. although the can starts off as factory sealed, once it’s sprayed that air-tight seal is broken. in addition, since the product is a mix of both gas and solid product, chances are the air is going to release quicker since there’s less of it - hence ending up with a can of solids, but no gas to propel it out. (this is merely a hypothesis. i’m not sure if it’s true or not since i’m no scientist, but it makes sense to me.)

so my solution is to seal up the hole with a glue dot. for those of you who don’t know, a glue dot is a mound of sticky tack that is used for craft projects. they come in all sizes - i like the medium pop-up ones for this particular use. tape would probably also work, but i like the glue does because it forms an air-tight seal since it can take the shape of the tiny spray nozzle hole. it’s been almost two weeks since i’ve used my dry shampoo, and guess what? IT HASN’T EVAPORATED!

the only thing with this trick is you need to use a different glue dot (or piece of tape) every time you seal it. that’s not a problem for me, since i buy glue dots all the time for my cardmaking.

so there you have it! do me a favor and reblog if you have this problem, or know someone with this problem! we shouldn’t have to waste out money on a product that evaporates, and now we don’t have to.

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